Monday, October 29, 2012

Trying to write something

I just can't bring myself to write much any more. It's like every voice in my head, all the ideas, each iota of thought, is stuck, unable to leave its well-worn rut. What is left, then, of the person known as Hwan? Is he there, or just a robot on repeat?

Crawford Lake in autumn
My days are what you might suppose: Work is where I can be a zombie, the cats are both a hassle and a joy, and Mary Jean keeps me afloat. I haven't gone to karate in ages, I've been playing various games to pass the time. October is nearly over and though I consume more and read more, it seems very little actually sticks.

Oh, well, I DID go hiking with some friends a couple weeks back, about an hour's drive west of the city. We also took part in a Native American dance, which was fun, in its way.

I suppose I can mention that I've started watching Community, due to the high acclaim from many friends. It took me a few shows to really dig in, and by the seventh episode (the Hallowe'en "Day of the Dead" party one) I began to see its merit. But I hate Senor Chang, both the actor and the character. His entire schtick is based on being rude and unreasonable and I find it lacks drawing power, that it's just too far over the top.

Makes me miss Party Down.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Land of Sugar

Houston, yet another city not high on my list of cities to visit. To be honest, I knew little of the place -- somewhere in Texas, right? Way down in that stomach-of-a-cow region, that hot and dusty stretch between California and Florida. So it was with little in terms of expectation that I was sent there to do some work for a client, out in Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston. Turns out that there is little to do, and not much more to see if one's free time is only in the evening and one does not have a car. Even with a taxi at hand (a rare beast), one gets the impression of tourists being second-class citizens.

I suppose I had an okay time though, and in Houston's defence I didn't get around to seeing the Space Center, the only point of interest I'd hoped (against hope) to visit. But the highways! And the lack of public transportation into the downtown! It made me appreciate the TTC all the more.

Statue of Sam Houston
I've started playing Guild Wars 2, and they have done a fine job of building a new GW universe -- the visuals are striking, the levelling doesn't feel like farming, there's plenty of skills to play with, and the world itself is huge. After many hours I've still only seen a small percentage of the world available. Haven't tried the PvP yet either. The no-monthly-fee is nothing to scoff at either.

It's an election year for the US, and man has it got me nervous. I realize that I may be overplaying my role as the old, crotchety man but is not the prospect of a pro-life supporting, homophobic, all-around backwards person in serious running for president truly frightening? How is it, with all the advances in technology, all of our knowledge, that we are still debating over such basic human rights? The land of sugar indeed!


I absolutely hate how the world is shaping up, just a frog boiling slowly in greed, misinformation, and lack of critical thought. I don'...